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Quick Turnaround & Accurate Chinese Translations

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Quick Chinese Translation Services excels in delivering swift and precise professional English to Chinese translation services in Singapore tailored to a diverse array of documents, with a specialization in nuanced translations of legal, company, and commercial documents. Our main goal is to offer fast and precise translation services for a variety of documents. Our dedication to delivering precise and effective translations distinguishes us in the field.

We are adept in handling the particular difficulties presented by legal, business, and commercial documents. We go beyond simple translation when it comes to contracts, agreements, and business communications. We capture context, ensure that the translated information is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate.

Choosing us will provide you with a smooth experience that goes beyond simple language translation. We are ready to address your unique requirements and make sure your documents are translated correctly and professionally, which will help you succeed in the worldwide marketplace.

Comprehensive Translation Services Tailored to Your Needs

We at Quick Chinese Translation Services are dedicated to providing accurate and culturally appropriate translations between English and Chinese for a wide range of documents as follows:
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Legal Translation

We provide legal translation of documents with highly specific and complex terms, which require the highest accuracy and often, most urgent turnaround.

Our legally trained translators have extensive experience in translating various types of legal documents including: –

  • Investment agreements (such as convertible loan agreements, subscription agreements, etc)
  • Sale and purchase agreements for business transactions and other purposes
  • Application documents for submission to Chinese government authorities for establishment of Sino-Foreign Joint Ventures or Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprises (such as Joint Venture Agreements, Articles of Association, etc)
  • Licensing and other agreements relating to intellectual property rights
  • IPO Prospectuses
  • Affidavits for court proceedings / Wills / Powers of attorney
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Translation of Company and Commercial Materials

No matter which industry your company is operating in, if you want to expand your business in the Chinese speaking market, you must be able to present materials to your local Chinese partners and customers which effectively convey your message. 

As our native-speaking translators fully understand the Chinese mindset and cultural context, we are able to accurately translate your materials to convey your message in the most effective manner. 

Some of the materials which we translate include:-

  • Brochures / ACRA Business Profiles / Certificates of Incorporation
  • Investment Memorandums for seeking investors
  • Website contents / E-magazines / E-books
  • Business Proposals / Presentations
  • Annual Reports / Board and Shareholder Resolutions / Meeting Minutes
  • Operating Manuals / Training Materials /Advertisements / other marketing materials 

Other Documents

We also provide translation services to suit the needs of individual customers, including for translating resumes, educational certificates, biographies, correspondence, articles as follows: 

  • Resumes:
    With the help of our accurate resume translation services, create an engaging account of your professional career. We guarantee that your abilities, successes, and professional highlights are truthfully presented, enabling you to have a significant influence on a global scale.
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  • Educational Certificates:
    Communicate the significance of your academic achievements effectively with our meticulous translation of educational certificates. Whether for academic or professional purposes, our translations maintain the integrity of your accomplishments.
  • Biographies:
    Capture the essence of personal narratives with translations that preserve individuality and the narrative flow of biographies. Our team takes special care to convey the nuances and emotions embedded in your life story accurately.
  • Correspondence:
    Our expertise guarantees that the appropriate tone and message are accurately represented in both personal and business correspondence. We handle the linguistic complexities of corporate letters and sincere messages to provide accurate and culturally appropriate translations.
  • Articles:
    Transform articles between English and Chinese with ease to increase your effect and audience. Beyond simple translation, we also take care to maintain the spirit, tone, and style of your writings so that a larger audience may read your content.
For a full range of professional English to Chinese translation services in Singapore tailored to your unique requirements, pick Quick Chinese Translation Services. Our commitment lies in offering precise, dependable, and culturally sensitive translations for an array of documents, facilitating efficient cross-language communication.

Diverse Translation Services Catering to Your Personal Requirements

Quick Chinese Translation Services specializes in offering high-quality translation for legal, business, and commercial documents between English and Chinese languages. Our professional English to Chinese translation services in Singapore delivered in a timely manner distinguish us in the field. Whether you need documents translated from English to Chinese or the other way around, our skilled translators promise to maintain the important meaning and legal intricacies throughout the translation process.

In addition to legal, business and commercial documents, we offer translation services for a wide range of personal documents, including articles, biographies, letters, resumes, and certificates of education. Our client-centered approach ensures a smooth process.

Send us an email at translation@galacticsparksg.com with your specifications, and our team will take care of the rest. For precise, dependable, and customized translation solutions catered to your specific requirements, Quick Chinese Translation Services is your go-to partner.